WELP!!!  As we know summer is over. Sad to see it go especially since I did not get to enjoy it at all.  Since I wasn't popping much tags this summer, I guess my outfits will have to wait until next summer to be worn. So many outfits so little time. 

Summer I hate you and love you all at the same time. HA! sounds like a relationship. 

Outfit: H&M- pants and top, Aldo-mini purse, Fashion Nova-sandals, Balmain-sunglasses 

This floral set is the comfiest 2 piece I've ever owned. Inspired by sleep wear, this trend is however quite old, but so wearable. I know lots of people who are not too fond of this trend, me being one of them, but as of recently I decided to try it out. I think the print was what really got me. I love a good print. 

To some, this might look like your plain old pyjama set, you know the ones your grandma would give to you on christmas all nicely wrapped with a fancy bow. The beauty of this set is that it can be worn separately paired with jeans, a tank, a bralette, a body suit you name it! 

How do you feel about the pyjama/sleepwear trend? 



GET INTO THIS LOOK.... I have been stalking Zara's new collection since it dropped and I must say my tastebuds are fashionably satisfied. This blouse has has been in my shopping cart way too long. So YES I caved. Your girl hit that BUY NOW button, and I am like a kid on christmas day. Sadly a new piece of clothing will do that to me.

The vibrant colours on this wrap blouse was just way too cool to pass up. Even Instagram approves as I've been seeing this top on almost every girl on my timeline. 
What can I say? It's fall approved, It can be worn at least 4 different ways, and it looks damn good on. I paired it with these white pants for a classier "GIRL BOSS" look , however I've worn this top with almost everything. 

I will be sure to upload pics of the many ways I've worn this blouse in another post. (stay tuned for that! be sure to follow me on Instagram as I post most of my outfits on my account prior to my blog) 

How do you feel about Zara's new Fall collection? Have you checked it out? What are your thoughts on pricing? Let's Talk..

Outfit: Zara blouse, Zara pants, Fashion Nova heels 

Happy Long Weekend

xoxo Ty



As I sit here typing out my thoughts, it brings back memories of how much I've missed blogging and interacting with you guys. So much has been going on, and I must admit it's been hard balancing everything on my plate. Although my intentions was to never abandon my blog, I must say that I needed some time to regroup a lot of my thoughts and things in my life.

Midlife Crisis? Naw not yet!!  On another note I've been noticing that blogs are slowly becoming extinct. Yes!! I'm talking Dinosaur extinct!! WTF? You can thank Instagram for that. I love me some IG but nothing beats the power of blogging. Definitely the same podium but with a different audience.  What do you guys think? Comment below and let's talk. Its seems to me that the younger generation is leaning more towards vlogging than blogging. Oh how times are changing. 

I've been struggling with my weight for the past year. A tug of war that doesn't seem like it wants to end. One minute I'm at my goal weight the next I'm squeezing into clothes twice my size. Sigh... 

In other news.I'm excited to say I've launched my new purse line called *drumroll please* 
Purses & Poms. Please be sure to check out the website. The colors are a bit summery (since the collection was supposed to debut in summer) however I will be launching darker colors as we head into the Fall season, so be sure to check it out! 

xoxo TY 

The sand had my feet looking quite crusty...

ZARA- Pants



Basics for all the Basics....


So I decided to slay in this basic LBD. The word basic is such an understatement. My most "basic" looks are my favourites.  I guess I am a Basic Betty kinda gal. HA! 

The ribbing details was what caught my eyes at first, and of course the colours on the sleeve and neckline. Im into midi dresses more these days. I never thought I'd slowly be ditching the shorter hems for longer ones.. (eeeeek Is this a sign that I'm getting old?

Wearing; F21 Dress, Giuseppe boots, Cheap Monday Sunglasses, Celine Handbag, H&M bracelet, Marshall's pompom 

On another note I've been adding these little furry friends to all my purses and accessories. Such a fun and inexpensive look. 

Hope you guys are enjoying this amazing Fall weather. 



Nothing much to say, so I will let the pics do the talking. The sun was not cooperating with me and unfortunately most of the shots captured were detailed shots. If you're a blogger or photographer then you know that sunlight or should I say the "golden hour" is prime time to shoot. None the less I still captured some pretty cool pics. 

Wearing: #Tobi bodysuit, Zara; pants, shoes, Amazon; flat top aviator sunnies



Summer Stripes

The end of summer is almost upon us. Just the thought of it breaks my heart. No more endless Vanilla bean Fraps, with extra whip, *Yum*, weekend beach visits, cut off shorts and neon painted manicured toes, and my favourite, riding round with the top off. 
Summer is when the best memories are made. Unforgettable memories...... 

 My summer closet is trying to sneak in a quick cameo on the blog as well before summer says its final goodbye. So many fits, so little time....  Nonetheless I'm ready for fall.  I'll be posting a few of my fave summer looks so stay tuned...

Wearing: Asos: shorts, Zara: blazer and shoes, Aritzia: cropped top, F21: Accessories

I kept this look simple with striped shorts and a white blazer to offset the look. I'm loving lace up shoes at the moment and they have quickly became an obsession in my closet. Hope you'll are all having a great summer and making the best of whats left of it. 

Cheers to summer and ending it right.  Until next time loves.

xoxo TY